Medical Equipment Related Business

Medical Compression Stockings
Our Business

Development and the manufactureing sales of the medical compression stockings which are used for preventing Lymphedema, venous varicose, and phlebpthrombosis. Custom made is also available.

It was located as follows by the revision of Pharmaceutical Affairs Law,in April 2005.

  • Medical Compression Stockings for medical treatment used to promote venous return; such as rediced or prevent the stasis of venous bloodand lymph (includes compression sleeves for arms)
  • Compression stockings function as add pressure gradually from the tip to the center.

Non-medical Equipment Related Business

Compression stockings

Compression stockings are used for the support of massarge effect, to prevent swelling, and to reduce tiredness. Mainly, we develop, manufacture and sale the stockings for diet use.

Nursing and Welfare Related Business

Stockings for artificial limb

Tie up with the jointly manufacturer, developing, manufactureing, and sales the item which functional and fashonable.

Stamp Shrinker

Developing, manufacturing and sales the product which takes the place of the compression bandage to protect the reduction of the edema on the cutting leg, and the skin.