Privacy Policy

We continue to produce high quality products in order to get customers' reliance and satisfaction.
Therefore, the control of the privacy information is also our social obligation as a medical equipment retailar.
We declare to state our privacy policy, and maintain the statement.

  1. We establish the system to protect and administrate the privacy informations, and maintain all privacy information as appropriate.
  2. All privacy information provided shall only be used for the rellevant purpose.
  3. We comply with all laws about the privacy information.
  4. We state the guidelines to protect privacy information and all stuffs shall comply with the guidelines.
  5. We shall endeavor to prevent illigal access, loss, destruction, and amendament of the privacy information.
  6. All privacy information should be current and accurate.
  7. Hereafter, we shall endeavor to ensure all information provided is secure and confidential under the terms of our privacy agrement.

Representative Director and President
Mitsuo Sato